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Here at Online Bingo Man, we have a team of online bingo experts that have gone through all the different options out there for UK players and put together all the information you need to know about playing bingo online in the UK. 

As well as bringing you all the best online bingo sites in the UK, we will also point you in the direction of the most generous offers available to you – and which sites offer the best user experience so you can choose the best site for you

The Top UK Bingo Sites

Why Trust Online Bingo Man For the Best Reviews?

Online bingo is our business. It’s what we know best and it’s what we love. We have a team of experts on board that have been in the industry for a long time that know everything about the game. We have garnered decades worth of professional experience to bring you a site that is created by bingo lovers for bingo lovers. 

While we understand that our site may not have been around for as long as some others, those involved in creating this ultimate online bingo guide have built up years of experience. If there’s anything to know about playing online bingo in the UK, they know it.

Our main focus is to bring you the facts about these popular online bingo sites and what different games and services they offer, so you get an idea of what to expect, helping you choose the right one for you. However, we don’t just rely on our experts, we also look at other real player reviews to see what they have to say. We read about their different experiences to see what issues they faced – or whether they were really happy with everything the bingo site has to offer. By combining these opinions and reviews, we can bring you the most in-depth and thorough analyses of these sites so you can play at your preferred choice with your eyes wide open.

What Makes for a Good Bingo Site?

There are several factors that make a great online bingo site. Obviously, we like to see one that offers lots of excellent games with generous prizes. And, not only should it have plenty of bingo bonuses and promotions, but they should also come with fair wagering requirements. We also factor in excellent banking options, fast withdrawals and a service that makes you feel safe and welcome.

Those that make it onto our list of best bingo sites should offer you everything!

Your Ultimate Guide to Finding a Bingo Site

Whether you are looking for a specific bingo site or whether you are looking for a new and exciting website to play online bingo, you can find everything you need to know right here. Online Bingo Man will provide you with everything you need to know about all the different UK online bingo sites. What’s more, as new sites come out, we keep on adding to our list and repertoire, so you can always stay ahead of the curve.

Our top experts have brought you all the most relevant pieces of information and gathered it all together in one piece to ensure that you can make the most informed decision when you are making the decision which of these bingo sites will suit you the best. Our reviews are filled with all the facts, figures and information you need – oh, and of course, the personal recommendations of our reviewers.

It goes without saying that each of the bingo sites that we recommend is fully safe for you to play, as all have been licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission.

The Latest Online Bingo Site Reviews

Although there aren’t as many online bingo sites in the UK as there used to be a few years ago, the quality has gotten much better, so it’s not all doom and gloom. Those bingo sites that have weathered the storms of the past few years have done so for a reason. These are the ones that are the biggest, the best and keep those players coming back for more. As such, we now have a core of the highest-quality sites that can adapt to the times and move along with players’ evolving tastes.

To reflect this, we constantly review our reviews to make sure that they are completely up to date for the here and now. We bring you the best online bingo sites UK for you to check out, highlighting the different games you can play and, of course, the promotions and deals that are on offer right now.

Our OnlineBingoMan Best Sites

Our team has its own tried and tested way of identifying those best-rated bingo sites out there – and this is by combining our expert opinions with your opinions – the players’ opinions. We know that your experiences are essential and we factor in all players’ reviews to make sure that our recommendations are completely up to date and reflect the actual real online bingo playing world.

In our opinion, no one is more important than the players who sign up and entrust their money to these sites. Not the bingo site or brands, not ‘industry experts’ but the people who spend their time and money playing on these sites. These are the people with real insights into the performance of a site. We listen to everything being said so nothing is lost.

Those making it to the top of our list aren’t just put there by us, but also by you.

Our Top 5 Bingo Sites

How To Find Your Perfect Bingo Site

The perfect bingo site for you is the one that encompasses everything that you are looking for in one place. They combine generous promotions with low wagering requirements, excellent game selection, quick withdrawals, a friendly gaming community and top-rated customer services.

We have done our research and it has been established that players know exactly what they want. In fact, the YouGov survey that was effected at the end of 2020 established that the most important thing, according to players, was prioritising reliability, and choosing a site that offers fast cashouts and instant deposits, with over 80% citing that as the most important factor. In addition, players also prefer a site that promotes responsible gambling.

Reliability and Efficiency

The number one most important fact for players is how reliable and efficient the site is. Ultimately, the main factor in a great online bingo gaming experience is becoming part of a fun and friendly player community and being able to relax when you play, knowing that your money is being looked after safely.

This means that you can play your bingo cards knowing that the game will run smoothly, the chat is working well and your money and information are completely secure. You can also feel confident that if you do win, your money will be paid out without a fuss!

Fast Withdrawals

The most important factor for any bingo player is knowing that their payouts will not only be honoured… but paid out quickly. The ability to get to your winnings quickly creates more trust between the player and the site. In fact, many players would switch to a bingo site simply because it offered instant withdrawals.  

Bingo is a fun game to play for sure, but the real excitement of the game comes from getting a full house. There’s nothing that beats the winning bingo feeling. However, the magic of that feeling can quickly turn to frustration and disappointment if your withdrawal request is left pending for days. In fact, if it’s left for too long, many players are discouraged from depositing and playing again. So, look for the withdrawal times of the site and read what others have to say about it.

Easy to Navigate Website

Having a website that is easy to navigate and find their way around is also an important factor to most players. Ultimately, when a player chooses a new bingo site, they want to be given a user-friendly experience, allowing them to quickly and easily see what games are available and which online bingo rooms are currently open and what times they are open. They should also have easy access to their account as well as easy access to customer support and live chat.

If the website is overly complicated or suffers lag or poor functionality, this will put players off returning. They will likely look for a website that offers a decent and friendly bingo experience.

Mobile Website and/or App

No matter what types of online games you prefer, bingo, slots or table games, most are now turning to mobile play. As such, it is essential that the bingo site offers an excellent mobile experience and, preferably, the choice of a mobile app. Ultimately, players like the convenience of being able to play on the go – wherever they are, whenever they want – and so they can win at any time. With a good bingo site or bingo app, this is what you can get!

Access to Responsible Gambling Tools

We are more aware than ever that it is all too easy to get carried away when playing games online for real money. This can be devastating to your bank account and funds. There are so many sites offering so many games, that limiting how much you play can be tricky. So, it is understandable that players like to trust their money on sites that they know will help them to control their spending.

The best will offer tools such as time outs, deposit limits and spend limits, budget caps etc and the ability to freeze your account and get real-time checks as you play to make sure that you aren’t spending more than you intended.

The Best and Most Trusted Bingo Sites Reviewed

Our aim is to become the go-to online bingo review and guide site that players rely on for everything they need to know – and become one of the most trusted brands out there. We have put together a list of the very best UK bingo sites out there… out of the hundreds that we have visited, reviewed and rated.

All of the bingo sites that we recommend are the best and most popular out there. They are also the fairest and most trustworthy sites out there for UK players. We work with some of the best and most well-known brands out there, meaning that you can access all the information here that you need, with all the essential information right here at your fingertips.

What to Expect from the Best Bingo Sites in 2023

There are many things we can expect to see from the best online bingo sites in 2023 in terms of technology, expectations and regulations. The best bingo sites will be innovative and be able to keep up with changes and move with the times and evolving requirements of their players.

Bonuses and promotions. This will always be a key factor. Although this isn’t the most important factor for players, many will definitely be interested in what’s on offer and, with all else being equal, give preference to those that offer generous, original and fair promotions.

Historically, online bingo and casino sites just offer the same old bonuses with a few tweaks here and there. They offer match deposit bonuses – and maybe throw in a few free online bingo games or free spins on top. This type of offer is very generic and doesn’t consider a player’s personal preference.

The newer online sites will start to offer more personalised and dynamic bonuses with bingo sites utilising the latest data and technology. Some may also start to offer real-time bonuses via mediums such as WhatsApp, SMS, emails and pop-ups as you are playing. This is certainly something that would be welcomed in the future. However, whether or not they work along with responsible gambling policies or not remains to be seen. They need to push boundaries and be innovative but remain compliant. It’s a thin tightrope.

What We Factor Into Our Bingo Sites Reviews

We rate the best bingo sites UK based on the most critical factors for any players:

  • The selection of games available – 90 ball, 80 ball, speed games etc
  • Ease of navigation
  • The bonuses and promotions for new and existing players
  • Fast and reliable payment and withdrawals
  • Fair wagering requirements
  • Quality of the mobile website or app
  • The customer support
  • Reliability and responsible gambling
  • Safety, security, licensing and compliance

Our team of bingo site reviewers comprises expert and experienced online bingo players who know exactly what it takes for a site to meet our reader’s exalted expectations and standards. 

These experts look in-depth at a number of features in order to come to our final judgement… and whether or not we truly believe a site is worth playing at.

These are our main considerations:

Generous and Fair Bingo Bonuses

It is vital that the bingo site offers a welcome bonus that offers good value. As such, when we review a site, we look carefully at the welcome bonus or welcome package on offer. We look at all facts of the deal and explain exactly what it is so that you can decide for yourself whether it’s worth your while with a complete understanding of what it actually is.

However, that’s just one part. We also look to see what deals and offers there are for regular players and how well they reward their players for their continued loyalty. 

Fair Wagering Requirements

Linked with the above, we also look at the wagering requirements (playthrough requirements) attached to the bonuses. We know exactly what you should expect from a fair bonus and what wagering requirements you should expect. The wagering can make or break a bonus. We look at what they are and what it means, so you have a clear understanding of exactly how fair and generous those bonuses really are. The lower the better.

Good and Available Customer Support

The best bingo sites will offer a high-end level of customer service. We expect them to offer agents that are knowledgeable, helpful, professional, friendly and speak decent English. We expect the support team to respond to queries in a timely fashion and offer a wide variety of ways to contact the team – live chat, email and phone number. The best will also have a solid presence on social media such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

They should also be contactable around the clock.

Selection of Games

The best online bingo sites will offer their players a wide variety of games. There should be a good selection of bingo rooms with ticker prices suitable for all different budgets – along with access to local games and network games for even bigger prizes.

Those that we recommend will also offer games from the best software providers, such as Pragmatic Play and Dragonfish. We also like to see a selection of game types including 90-ball bingo games, 80-ball, 75-ball, 52-ball and even 30-ball speed games. There should also be fun variations, such as Bingo Blast, to give you something a little different.

Excellent Game Hosts

The game and chat hosts can make or break your online bingo gaming experience. Having a good host can take that experience to a whole new level. They make players feel right at home, help to create a friendly and inclusive playing community and be hot off the mark with friendly and fun banter. 

We also look at the side games as well. When reviewing a site, not only do we look at the professionalism and friendliness of the hosts, but we also look at the quality and enjoyability factor of the side games. Oh – and of course, we look at the size of the prizes as well.

Accessibility of Mobile Bingo Games

More players than ever like to play on the go, with state-of-the-art mobile browsers available on phones and tablets. As such, we look for those that offer a high-end mobile browser site and/or mobile app. So, those that have made it to the top of our list are those that are easily accessible on most mobile devices. There should be an experience every bit as good (if not better) on mobile as on desktop.

Selection of Banking Options

Safe, secure and reliable banking options are key for players and for us. We will give a bingo site a much better rating if they have a good choice of secure banking options which will allow you to make deposits and withdrawals without risking any of your financial information. As such, those sites that offer eWallet options such as PayPal, Skrill and Neteller as well as prepaid options such as Paysafecard and mobile banking options like Boku are always going to be rated higher than those that offer just debit cards and bank transfers.

Banking Security

Every site on our list of recommended bingo operators has been fully licensed by the UK Gambling Commission. As such, this ensures that all the money you deposit into the site is held in a separate and secure account in case the site goes into liquidation or closes unexpectedly. 

In this case, you can feel assured that any money you have deposited into your account is reclaimable.

Exclusive Rooms AND Networked Rooms

The top-rated bingo sites will offer a selection of bingo rooms. This means a combination of exclusive rooms (those that are only available at one site or a small group of sites ) as well as network games and rooms. These are games that are played using the same software at multiple bingo sites. Network games play either weekly or monthly and have much larger jackpot prizes than local games because they aren’t played as often and have a much bigger number of players all playing the same game… meaning more money in the pot!

A Good Bingo Community

The thing that makes bingo gaming different from other types of online gaming is the fun and friendly playing community. As such, we rate highly those sites that offer a warm welcome to their players. You should be able to communicate with other players and game hosts on both social media and in chat rooms. It should be a warm and vibrant playing atmosphere.

Licensed and Regulated Online Bingo Sites

We will only ever put a bingo site on our list that has been licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission so that you can feel assured that you are enjoying a safe, secure and trusted bingo experience. In addition, we make sure that these sites have their games regularly independently tested and audited by third-party agencies to verify that they are all fair and transparent.

Conclusion: It’s All About Trust, Reliability and Fun

Ultimately, any UK bingo player will want a reliable, easy-to-use website that gives its players great deals and offers, and a selection of trustworthy and quick deposit and withdrawal methods. It should offer great customer support, lots of games and a dedication to responsible gaming.

Technology has never been better – so being able to access reliable and secure instant deposits and withdrawals and caring for a play should be too much to ask for. If you are choosing to spend your money to play bingo, they want to know that they are enjoying a safe bingo experience… and we are here to make sure that this is exactly what you get.

So, good luck in your online bingo journey! Hopefully, you know everything there is about what you need to choose a site and get started!

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Latest Bingo News

If you’re looking to read all the latest news on online bingo then look no further…

The Best Bingo Sites FAQs

Which UK Bingo Sites are the Best?

If you are looking for the best UK bingo sites then you are in the best place. We have spent hours and resources reviewing the best bingo sites, old and new, to see which are the best. The main factors that we look at include:

  • The selection of bingo games and bingo rooms available
  • Whether it offers other types of games such as slots and table games
  • Fair and generous bonuses and promotions
  • The friendliness of the bingo community
  • The customer support
  • The user-friendliness of the website on desktop and mobile

Look through our list of bingo sites and read our in-depth reviews to find out which are the best out there. We have brought to you the very best so that you can enjoy a superior all-around bingo experience.

How do I deposit at a bingo site?

To deposit money at a UK bingo site, you typically need to follow these steps:

  1. Look through our list of bingo sites, read the reviews and click on the link over to the site.
  2. Sign up for a new account with your chosen bingo site 
  3. Choose a deposit method such as credit/debit card, PayPal, or e-wallet
  4. Enter the amount you want to deposit and follow the steps to complete the transaction
  5. Check your account balance to confirm the deposit has been successful.

The exact process may vary slightly depending on the bingo site and the deposit method you choose.

Which bingo site has the best payout?

The bingo sites that have the busiest bingo rooms will generally have the highest payouts because more people are buying tickets which all contribute to the growing prize pool. Also, the games with the most expensive tickets tend to offer higher prizes.

Some bingo games are jackpot games and offer progressive jackpot prizes. In these instances, a small percentage of each bingo ticket sale will be added to a central jackpot pool. This prize keeps getting bigger and bigger – and the payouts can be phenomenal.

In order to win the progressive jackpot prize, usually you will need to hit the full house within a set number of calls. So, if you are playing a 90-ball bingo game, then you might need to get the full house within 30 numbers being called. However, all games are different, so check the rules and details carefully before playing.

Are All UK bingo sites safe?

Most UK bingo sites are safe and secure to play on, as they are regulated by the UK Gambling Commission. To ensure you are playing on a safe site, follow these tips:

  1. Look for the UK Gambling Commission licence logo on the bingo site’s homepage
  2. Read online reviews from other players to get an idea of their experiences with the site
  3. Check if the site uses secure encryption technology (e.g. SSL) to protect your personal and financial information
  4. Check the site’s privacy policy to see how they handle your data.

By taking these steps, you can help ensure you are playing on a safe and trustworthy bingo site. All of the sites we recommend are fully safe, secure and trustworthy.

How Do Online Bingo Sites Work?

Online bingo sites work by offering a virtual bingo hall experience where players can buy tickets and play bingo games. The basic steps to play online bingo are:

  1. Sign up for an account on the bingo site
  2. Purchase bingo tickets for the desired game(s)
  3. Wait for the game to start and the numbers to be called
  4. Mark the numbers on your virtual bingo card(s)
  5. Watch for the pattern(s) to be completed on your card(s)
  6. If you complete the pattern, click the “bingo” button to claim your win.

The bingo games are typically run by a computer program (RNG) that randomly selects the numbers and ensures fair play. Wins can range from small cash prizes to large progressive jackpots, depending on the game and site. Many online bingo sites also offer social features, such as chat rooms, to enhance the player experience.

Can You Win Real Money on Bingo Sites?

Yes, you can win real cash prizes on online bingo sites. The amount you can win depends on the game you are playing and the site you are playing on. Some games offer small cash prizes, while others offer large progressive jackpots.

It’s important to remember that online bingo, like any form of gambling, comes with risks and you should always gamble responsibly and within your means. Additionally, check the site’s terms and conditions for information on their payment policies, as some sites may have restrictions on withdrawing winnings.

How Many UK Online Bingo Sites are There?

The number of bingo sites operating in the UK is constantly changing, with new sites launching and others closing. It is estimated that there are literally hundreds of online bingo sites available to players in the UK.

Can Online Bingo Sites Be Fixed?

In theory, any online system can be manipulated or fixed. However, reputable online bingo sites take measures to prevent this from happening, such as using random number generators to ensure fair play and regularly auditing their systems for integrity.

Additionally, online bingo sites that are licensed by the UK Gambling Commission are subject to strict regulations and are required to meet high standards for security and fair play. If a player has any concerns about the fairness of a bingo site, they can contact the UK Gambling Commission to raise the issue.

It is always a good idea to research a bingo site before playing, checking our reviews and reputation, to ensure you are playing on a reputable and trustworthy site. We only recommend the most trustworthy sites.

Are Online Bingo Games Really Random?

Trustworthy online bingo games on regulated sites use random number generators (RNGs) to determine the numbers that are called during a game. RNGs are computer programs that generate truly random numbers, ensuring that the outcome of each game is fair and unpredictable.

Reputable online bingo sites will have their RNGs regularly audited by independent testing agencies, such as eCOGRA or iTech Labs, to ensure that the games are fair and the RNGs are operating correctly. These audits are usually available to view on the bingo site’s homepage or through links in their “About Us” or “Fair Play” sections.

S, as long as you are playing on a reputable and licensed online bingo site like those we recommend, you can have confidence that the games are fair and random.

How Much Do Online Bingo Games Cost?

The cost of playing online bingo games can vary depending on the site and the type of game you choose to play. Some bingo games are free to play, while others require you to purchase tickets.

When ticket purchases are required, the cost can range from just a few pence to several pounds per ticket. The cost of tickets can also vary depending on the type of game, with some games offering larger prizes having higher ticket prices.

Additionally, many online bingo sites offer bonuses, promotions, and other incentives that can reduce the cost of playing. It’s always a good idea to check the site’s promotions page or to sign up for their email list to be informed of any special offers.

Is Bingo A Game of Luck?

Yes, bingo is primarily a game of luck. The outcome of each game is determined by chance, as the numbers are drawn randomly. However, some skills and strategies can be involved in choosing the right cards to play and marking numbers efficiently.

What are the Odds of Winning Online Bingo Games?

The odds of winning bingo online depend on several factors such as the number of players participating, the pattern being played, and the number of cards each player holds. Generally, the more players and cards in play, the lower the odds of winning. 

Can I Win Real Money Playing Online Bingo?

Yes, you can win real money playing online bingo, provided that the online bingo platform you’re using is legitimate and offers cash prizes. It’s important to play on trusted and licensed sites and to always familiarise yourself with the terms and conditions and rules of each online bingo game you participate in.

What is the best bingo site in the UK?

This depends on a variety of factors. A good bingo site will offer generous promotions and bonuses with fair wagering requirements and they will run games using the best software. However, every player will have their own tastes – so the best site will be a personal preference. However, most bingo players will want a site that runs smoothly – and preferably with a great mobile bingo site. It should also offer a welcoming and safe gaming environment and, of course, the chance to win some pretty great prizes.

Ultimately, trustworthiness and reliability are very important when it comes to offering an enjoyable bingo experience. The best sites will always ensure that a player knows their money is being held safely and that their winnings will be paid out quickly. Great sites will also offer an excellent selection of banking options, bingo rooms and bingo games with a great atmosphere with funny and friendly hosts and a buzzing community.

What Makes For A Good Bingo Site?

A good bingo site should have the following characteristics:

  1. Legitimacy and licensing: The site should be licensed by a reputable authority and operate legally.
  2. Wide variety of games: The site should offer a range of bingo games, including different formats and styles.
  3. User-friendly interface: The site should have an intuitive design, and easy navigation and should be accessible from desktop or mobile devices.
  4. Safe and secure transactions: The site should have secure payment methods and encrypted transactions, and should protect personal and financial information.
  5. Good customer support: The site should offer quick and effective support through various channels such as email, phone, and live chat.
  6. Fair play: The site should have fair play policies and use random number generators to ensure that the outcomes of games are truly random.
  7. Attractive bonuses and promotions: The site should offer generous bonuses and online bingo promotions to enhance the player’s experience and offer more chances to win.

Can I Play Bingo With No Deposit?

Yes, there are some sites that allow you to play bingo with no deposit required – and we will list them right here at Some of the very biggest and best online bingo sites will give new players a sign-up bonus, which means that they can start playing online without spending any of their own money. Meanwhile, other sites will offer free bingo games and free rooms where you can try out their software without risking your own funds.

However, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find no deposit bonuses. Although some no-deposit bingo games will only allow you to win bonus money, there are some that will pay out real money wins with no deposit required. However, even in these cases, most will require that you deposit and wager your own money before you can withdraw any real money wins from these games. Make sure you check the bonus terms and conditions before you claim any deposit or no deposit bonus.

Which Bingo Site Offers the Best Bingo App?

The sites that offer the best mobile apps will make it fun and easy for you to play bingo online on your phone in just a few clicks of the button or moves of your thumb. The features to look out for when looking for the best mobile app in iOS or Android include: 

  • Easy navigation between gamesroomsom and features
  • Quick access to your banking and account functions
  • Easy access to live chat and player support.

They should be seamless, smooth, with no lag and offer the whole experience.

Can Online Bingo Sites Stop You From Winning?

In theory, bingo sites can control the outcomes of the game through the random number generation process. However, reputable bingo sites use fair and random number generation methods, which means the outcome of each game is determined purely by chance. Most bingo sites have their software tested by independent third-party auditors to ensure fair play and randomness. So, as long as you play at a trustworthy and regulated bingo site, your chances of winning should not be artificially limited.

Why Can’t I Open an Account on a Bingo Site?

There may be occasions when you are unable to open a new account at a new online bingo site and this could be for a number of reasons. For example, a new bingo site could be part of a network of linked bingo sites and there may be issues that are related to activity on any of the other connected sites on the network.

Reasons that may cause problems might be that they are suspicious that you have opened multiple accounts, that there may be suspicious activity linked to your profile or that you aren’t providing the documents that they require to verify your ID (KYC documents). If you do have a problem, then contact the support team who will be happy to assist you and get to the bottom of the issue.